Foam and Batt (also called “Flash and Batt”) insulation is one example of a new technique Taseca Weatherization has implemented.  Foam and batt is a hybrid insulation approach combining closed-cell spray foam and fiberglass insulation.  This method is becoming preferred by both utility companies and homeowners for its energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Foam and batt systems are definitely better than fiberglass alone from a thermal efficiency standpoint.


Air leaks in the attic and floor can be a major source of heat loss.  If insulation is going to be added to an attic or floor it makes sense to seal leaks in ceiling and floor penetrations first, before they are covered up by the insulation.  In the attic top sills of interior walls are particularly leaky with all of the plumbing and wiring penetrations. These penetrations should be sealed with spray foam prior to insulating.  In the floor all of the plumbing and wiring penetrations should be sealed with spray foam prior to insulating.   In most cases, the money spent on air sealing will easily be recouped within the first year. This is one reason why it is #1 on the Department Of Energy’s priority list for weatherizing homes.

Seal boots and registers from the attic and crawlspace
Seal plumbing penetrations from the crawlspace and attic
Seal and insulate rimjoist cavities

Cover & Seal with Tenmat Fire Rated Fixture Protection Cover

Blown fiberglass insulation in attic
Blown fiberglass insulation in exterior walls
Batted fiberglass insulation in floor